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The Spirit of Nemo Gets a New Home in Miami!

Ken and Lynda Freeman are pleased to announce that “The Spirit of Nemo” automobile has been sold to a billionaire car collector who owns several auto museums in Miami, Florida.

Michael Dezer, A business partner and close friend of Donald Trump, has purchased the car for “The Dezer Collection” at the Miami Auto Museum.
The car was sold for an undisclosed amount in July of 2016 and the car was safely transported there shortly after the deal was closed.
They are both excited that the car is now located in a highly visited location where people of all ages can see it for generations to come.

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“The Spirit of Nemo” is a six wheeled open top roadster entirely hand fabricated and machined here in the U.S. by a dedicated artist and car builder in North Carolina. It is 24' long, 102” wide, and weighs nearly seven thousand pounds. “The Spirit of Nemo” features a big block Cadillac engine, disc brakes, an automatic turbo 400 transmission, and is rear wheel drive with a two piece drive shaft. All four front wheels steer effortlessly and in harmony.

The “Spirit of Nemo” is truly a rolling work of art. With over 100 individual carvings and sculptures, the interior and exterior abound with decoration. Artwork is carved and cast from phenolic resin and dipped or coated in a genuine pewter/aluminum metal plating. Some are cast in solid brass and 18k gold. The car is street legal in all 50 US states. It has DOT approved lighting and signals, as well as seat belts. It is inspected and registered as one of the two 1979 Cadillac Limousines from which it started it's life.

“The Spirit of Nemo” has all modern gauges and drives and performs just like the Cadillac it came from, although it does of course make extra wide turns. Constructed of steel and aluminum, carbon fiber and fiberglass, the body is nearly 5/8” thick in places and is painted PPG Royal White. This vehicle took over 6,500 hours to complete. It was quite the daunting task of vehicle and art engineering. Considering it's length, width, and low ground clearance, “The Spirit of Nemo” comes with its own 32' custom modified goose neck trailer that tilts hydraulically to allow easy loading, transport, and unloading as to not damage any of the sculptures.